A cranial remolding helmet or cranial band may be prescribed when repositioning techniques do not reduce the head deformity or if the head shape is moderate to severe. The ideal treatment age is between 4 and 7 months because rapid head growth occurs during this time. Use of the helmet during this period can produce the best results and reduces the amount of time the baby will need to wear the helmet.

RPI uses a sophisticated 3D imaging scanner to capture the exact shape of your baby’s head. To determine if treatment is helping and improvement is occurring, it is important to be able to compare head shape images before, during and at the conclusion of treatment. During treatment, images are taken monthly so that adjustments can be made to the helmet to obtain the optimal head shape. Monthly images are essential to accurately make treatment decisions and visually see improvements.

SmartSoc 3D Image Capture

RPI recently acquired the SmartSoc* 3D scanner, the latest revolutionary technology for cranial remolding orthoses. 3D images are captured using a smartphone, which is familiar to children and is similar to taking their photo. We are the ONLY local orthotic facility using scanning technology and 3D software to achieve the most accurate results possible in the shortest amount of time. 

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