A cranial remolding helmet or cranial band may be prescribed when repositioning techniques do not reduce a moderate to severe head deformity. The most common diagnoses for babies needing this type of treatment are scaphocephaly, plagiocephaly or brachycephaly. Ideal treatment age is 4 to 7 months because rapid head growth occurs during this time, therefore treatment time can be shorter and will produce the best results.

cranial remolding orthosis helmet

Meghan Strozeski, CPO, our pediatric cranial remolding specialist, has joined with Orthomerica to be a part of their “AllSTAR Team”. Being on this team requires initial and final cranial head shape scans be submitted to create a database which is tracking treatment outcomes for skull deformities. Researchers use this data to improve the treatments and outcomes for future children. Choosing treatment through RPI allows you the opportunity to participate in vital research to help others.

Additional resources regarding cranial care can be found on the Star Band website at www.starbandkids.com

SmartSoc 3D Image Capture

RPI utilizes the SmartSoc* 3D scanner, the latest revolutionary technology for cranial remolding orthoses. 3D images are captured using a smartphone, which is familiar to children and is similar to taking their photo. Click the video for a demonstration of the scanning process.